Amanda Knox’s ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito: “Nobody would ever stay in a situation like mine, my life now is a hell”


Piers Morgan

As the retrial of Amanda Knox is underway in Italy, on Wednesday evening Piers Morgan spoke live with Raffaele Sollecito, Knox’s ex-boyfriend and a native Italian who was once convicted in the murder of Meredith Kercher but has since been acquitted.

Welcoming Sollecito via satellite from the Dominican Republic, the host asked his guest about the frustration that comes from continually reliving a case that is nearly six years old:

“How do you feel about the way they keep coming after you,” asked Morgan. “Why do you think it is that they simply don’t want to believe the version of events that you and Amanda have put forward?”

Sollecito, who was first convicted, and later acquitted, maintained his innocence:

“No, well, it’s not just my version of the events or Amanda’s version of the events. It’s the real facts that tells that me and Amanda are innocent,” he told…

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